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The Alpaca Allure

It’s like we’ve hit the fashion jackpot when we find garments that are luxuriously soft, adequately warm, stylish, eco-friendly and light enough to be worn all year-round. Well, no need to rely on luck or chance because fulfilling our fashion fantasies is Alpaca wool.

Alpacas belong to the camelid species, close relatives of the llama, and found in the regions of the Andes Mountains. The wool is used to make clothing that wonderfully protects against the chilling climates of the Andean mountains. For centuries, Alpaca fur was considered the fabric of royalty because of its luxurious softness and durability. Although a fabric staple in Peru, Chile, Ecuador and other South American cultures, Alpaca wool has now been embraced by indie and high-end designers and has led to a triumphant fusions of fashion and function. In the recent months, Alpaca wool has graced the London and New York runways with its traditional and contemporary edge.

Fashion designers and connoisseurs opt for Alpaca fur due to the superior qualities it has over sheep’s wool. With its durable, hollow core that traps little pockets of air, Alpaca produces softer, silk-like strands that act as insulators against both cold and heat. These air pockets also allows for the fabric’s breathability, keeping you cool even during the summer. Alpaca fibers create an extremely light, fine, warm and cashmere-like texture that feels wonderful on the skin.

Mother Nature is definitely also cheerful about Alpaca because of the many sustainable practices being used for the eco-friendly fabric production of the natural fiber. No mechanical or chemical processing is used during the crafting and construction of Alpaca garments. Unlike sheep wool that produces prickles on the skin because of its coarse fibers, Alpaca fur has a much smoother shaft and does not contain lanolin. Alpaca is naturally hypo-allergenic.

Alpaca clothing is the perfect fashion accessory that you can easily pack and wear for a simple, night out of town or a thrilling ski session up the mountains. Classic and trendy scarves, wraps, gloves, blankets, throws…you’ll find them all at!

  • Alpaca-Lifestyle-V-1Hailey and Sara in Alpaca Pullover Shawls
  • Alpaca-Lifestyle-V-2Sara in Alpaca Button Shawl
  • Alpaca-Lifestyle-V-3Hailey in Alpaca Winter Hat
  • Alpaca-Lifestyle-V-4Amanda in Alpaca Scarf
  • Alpaca-Lifestyle-V-5Hailey in Alpaca Poncho
  • Alpaca-Lifestyle-V-6Hailey in Alpaca Scarf
  • Alpaca-Lifestyle-V-7Sara in Alpaca Scarf
  • Alpaca-Lifestyle-V-8Hailey in Alpaca Scarf
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